Photo by Valentina Sadiul
"In selecting Kenneth Kellogg to portray the central character, they found not just a singer of paramount technique and vocal power but a man who embodies emotional qualities of strength, tenderness, and great dignity in equal measure." 
-DC Theater Scene on Blue, Glimmerglass Opera Festival 

"...But it doesn't matter since these devices are only manipulations of a ubiquitous Mephisto.  The true hero of the show, it is him. By his imposing stage presence, his dark voice and a remarkable economy of means, Kenneth Kellogg composed a Mephisto with charisma...  Mephisto here, pulled the strings of a... puppet: "Here, doctor, everything submits to me."
 -Tribune de Geneve, Faust at Opera de Lausanne

"The new Faust in Lausanne has, as usual, a fine cast of voices, crowned by a colossal Mephisto - American bass Kenneth Kellogg..."
-Le Courrie, Faust at Opera de Lausanne

"Kenneth Kellogg, a 6-foot 5-inch bass baritone who has sung in starring roles at Washington Opera, does most of the heavy expositional lifting as the young Griffith. With appropriate panache, and a chiseled boxer’s body, he makes a believable character, with a voice than can handle both the operatic and the jazz portions." 
-SeenandHeard International, Champion at Opera Parallele and SFJazz

"The tall and distinguished Kenneth Kellogg made an eloquent Prince Gremin, his deep bass voice resounding throughout Meymandi Hall as if wrapped in velvet..." 
-Josmarlopes, Eugene Onegin at Opera North Carolina